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LET'S ASK ABOUT LEGENDARY CREATURES (includes any and all monsters from anywhere)
1: What is the monster you're most afraid of?
2: What is your favorite LC?
3: If you could be any LC, what would you be?
4: Name one or more of the dumbest LCs you can think of
5: What LC do you think you have a chance of surviving against?
6: What is an LC that you recently found out about?
7: What did you think the boogeyman looked like when you were a child?
8: What LC do you know the most about?
9: What LC do you wish could be erased from existence?
10: Which LC would you play a game of cards with?
11: What LC would you like to keep as a pet?
12: How would you prepare for the [asker insert LC here] apocalypse?
13: If you could become an LC, which one would you like to be?
14: What is your favorite type of LC? (elemental, amphibious, equine, canine, etc...)
15: If you had to go on a quest in search of an LC, which would you pick to go after?
16: What is an LC from another culture you want to learn about?
17: Randomly pick three LCs from a list (such as on wiki) and give a rating of your choice (scariest, nicest, sexiest, most boring, etc...)
18: The most bad ass LC you can think of
19: The LC you would chose to mow down your enemies
20: The most interesting urban monster to you (the hook man, Bloody Mary, Slenderman, etc...)
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